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Writing Composition   Gr 4-8   

There are many aspects to good writing - punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and ideas that expressed in a logical way.  Whether students are writing short answers, paragraphs or short essays, they must think clearly and organize information before pencil is put to paper.  Many students have trouble communicating their thoughts with clarity, coherence and structure.  

Students will:

  • develop solid writing skills and strategies

  • write effectively using self-questioning approach

  • build strong essay writing skills

  • focus on enhancing writing through elaboration

  • use graphic organizers to develop and structure essays

  • identify characteristics of strong writing passages

We use a variety of methods to help students develop stronger writing skills, one of which is SQ-Write®.  SQ-Write® is a comprehensive, explicit writing curriculum that applies self-questioning strategies to help students write strong essays. This program guides students in how to apply executive functioning skills to create logical, well-constructed essays.

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