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Absolutely effective in taking my son's reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary to the next level.      


David S., parent



There are tutors who give their students some extra help… and then there’s Ame Persaud, who’s in a class of her own. Dyslexia, decoding/encoding, phonemic awareness, how to navigate IEPs… Ame is an expert in all of it. My fourth grader has dysgraphia, so writing and spelling are extremely frustrating for her (she used to cry and “shut off” with every school assignment/test). In less than one year with Ame, her confidence has soared. She is actually spelling words like “illustrate” and is learning a special type of cursive that will make it easier and faster to complete writing assignments. The multi-sensory lessons are fun, and they engage my daughter in ways that no other method ever has.  We will be forever grateful for her help!


Kristie K., parent






Your compassion and commitment is amazing and is admired.      


 Letitia M., parent






Miss Ame is a rock star!         


Debby B., student

Three of my children have successfully worked with Ame. She has a keen awareness for "reading" her students, which enables her to develop the right plan for each child's needs.  Ame is astute in assessing a child's reading skills and implementing the right tools for successful development.          


Maria P., parent




You are one of my favorite teachers and one of those people I’ll always remember fifty years from now.    


Blair S., former student





Michael was tutored by Ame for a little over one year, and he is now an avid reader and writer. We were so impressed with Michael’s success with Ame that we decided to also hire her to tutor our daughter Gabriella for kindergarten and first grade. Their grades improved, and most importantly they have both continued to not only be strong readers, but also to truly enjoy reading.


Heather N., parent





Working with Ame in a co-teaching situation gave me the opportunity to observe her with (special needs and regular education) children on a daily basis. Ame was professional, nurturing and knowledgeable. Ame cares deeply about all of the children with whom she works, whether they need help with basic skills, remediation or enrichment.  Any child/family would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Ame.                    


Gail A.,  former colleague  & retired teacher

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