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Reading & Writing Tutoring     Grades K-7


Students receive one-on-one literacy tutoring that is customized to meet their unique learning needs.  The focus is to develop and improve students' reading skills and strategies, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. Tutoring services are designed to help your child to build confidence as a learner, become a more successful student and develop a love of learning.

Enhancing literacy skills through individualized tutoring
for students in kindergarten to 7th grade.
Works with students to:
  • enhance reading abilities

  • develop reading comprehension skills

  • improve spelling abilities

  • expand vocabulary

  • develop writing skills and strategies

  • essay writing with graphic organizers

  • prepare for SOL tests




Assessments identify gaps in knowledge or skills and are used to develop a customized learning plan to address the student's needs.  

Assessments include:

  • Reading level

  • Reading comprehension skills

  • Reading fluency

  • Spelling abilities

  • Writing skills






Writing Kickstarter


The Writing Kickstarter is a program using SQ Write   method to build strong writing skills.   SQ  Write is a comprehensive, direct and explicit writing curriculum that applies self-questioning strategies to help student write strong essays. This program assists students to apply executive functioning skills to create logical, well-constructed essays.   


Works with students to:

  • develop solid writing skills and strategies

  • write effectively using self-questioning approach

  • build strong essay writing skills

  • focus on enhancing writing through elaboration

  • use graphic organizers to develop and structure essays

  • identify characteristics of strong writing passages






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