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Handwriting printing and cursive   K-5  


Handwriting is relevant, yet many schools no longer explicitly teach penmanship skills.  It's more than just having legible writing. Proper handwriting leads to academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum.  It is a foundational skill that can influence a student's reading, writing, and critical thinking.


Does your child:

  • struggle with dysgraphia?

  • have difficulties writing letters?

  • reverse letters and numbers?

  • have messy printing or cursive handwriting?



We use the Handwriting Without Tears® program.  Engaging, multisensory activities, and developmentally-appropriate instruction is geared towards helping students become successful in producing legible handwriting.  Lessons are explicitly taught, and are sequential, allowing for skills to build upon previously taught concepts. This program is tailored to meet the specific handwriting and fine motor needs for the development of printing and cursive skills.


This program helps with: 

  • pencil grip

  • position/posture for writing

  • letter and number formation

  • letter and number size

  • letter and number reversals

  • letter and word spacing

  • printing and cursive skills





  • need to write with speed and ease in all subjects?

  • have difficulty with automatic and comfortable writing?

  • demonstrate reluctance to writing?

  • simply want to learn cursive?

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