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Our assessments identify a student's current knowledge, skills and areas of need.  The informal assessments are used to determine which level of intervention will be most beneficial and to develop a customized plan to address the student's needs.  These assessments are not diagnostic psychoeducational evaluations.  Should you be seeking a formal diagnostic evaluation, please scroll down for recommendations of professionals who can provide this service.     


The assessments we perform are the WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test) which is a standardized test providing age/grade level equivalency.  Another assessment that is offered is the WADE (Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding).  
Both assessments identify:
  • Letter knowledge
  • Sound-letter relationships
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Reading real words and sight words
  • Decoding skills testing a student's ability to read unknown words
  • Syllabication knowledge
  • Spelling real words and sight words
  • Encoding skills testing a student's ability to spell unknown words
  • Writing sample
These assessments are done prior to, or at the first tutoring session.  The assessment results are shared with parents. An optional written report of findings is available.
Ongoing-assessment and progress monitoring:
  • progress monitoring measuring accuracy & mastery of skills
  • post-testing administered at the end of each level
Other assessments may include:
  • Reading level
  • Comprehension skills
  • Reading fluency
For formal psychoeducational evaluations, we endorse the following preferred provider: 
Mindwell Psychology
Dr. Rachna Varia









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